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Colour Matching

Touch-up Paint and Colour Matching

Make Kustom Paints your 1st stop for colour matching on the Sunshine Coast. With our extensive colour database and skilled colour matchers in store we can mix and match colours for just about anything you want to paint.

Any colour you want. In a spray can or touch-up bottle.

Our Kustom spray cans are perfect for smaller jobs like automotive paint repairs. Ideal for spraying items around home like lawn mowers, bicycles, toys, motorcycles etc.

We also have touch-up paint in a bottle with a brush attached. These are great for fixing small scratches and stone chips to your vehicles paintwork.

Colour Matching

If you don’t have a paint code or if we don’t have a formula there may be a need for colour matching.

The time it takes to match a colour can vary greatly depending on the colour. Certain colours like 3 layer pearls and some metallics will take longer. Most colours need to dry completely to show their true colour.

We often ask customers to leave a part that we can match to ie. petrol flap. This will allow us time to do a good colour match, leaving  you to get on with your day and return when convenient.Our colour matching service is free for quantities of 1 litre or more.
A colour matching fee may apply for volumes less than 1 litre.