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Easy to Apply – Easy to DIY


Save years in just minutes.  Simply apply SW2 to any surface you don’t want to go rusty.

Apply SW2 to the underbody of trailers, 4wds, trucks, caravans and campers and head up the beach with confidence. Use it on stored machinery, tools and parts. Great for applications around the home like steel post brackets. SW2 Protective Coat can even be used as a long term protective film for home appliances applied to the underside of fridges, freezes and washing machines It’s easy to use and whatever you apply it to will be protected for up to 12 months.

How to apply SW2

Any surface where you will be applying SW2 will need a thorough clean to remove any loose debris, grease, wax and other contaminants. Give the underbody a good pressure wash and allow plenty of time to dry, you don’t want to be applying SW2 over damp or wet surfaces. All surfaces must be free of oil, grease, dirt, unsound corrosion and paint.  Where mechanical parts are to be protected by SW2 surfaces must be dry and free of oil and grease.

If you have it available used compressed air to help remove dust and loose debris.

SW2 can be applied with a brush, trigger spray bottle, pressure spray bottle, or can even be wiped on with clean lint free cotton cloth. 

Mask off any areas you don’t want to apply SW2.

Simply spray SW2 on to any surface you want protected. For hard to reach areas like the inside of hollow chassis sections you can use a Shutz spray gun or rust proofing gun with a hose attachment. SW2 has and excellent capillary action, it spreads really well into cracks, gaps and folds when sprayed into inside sections of chassis, door trims, wheel wells etc.

Once you have finished applying SW2 it’s just a matter of waiting for it to dry. Surfaces should be dry to touch in 4-6 hour. Full hardness takes 3-4 days.

SW2 can be left as is or overcoated with most paint types. Your underbody will come up looking great with a coating of inexpensive satin black chassis enamel.

Any overspray can be wiped off with a cloth while it’s still wet however we recommend that any surface you don’t want SW2 applied to be masked up with masking paper/plastic and automotive masking tape prior to application.

Gunwash, General Purpose Thinner or Methylated spirits can be used for cleaning any equipment used.